Shirley horn trio - the garden of the blues

Shirley Horn covers several works by composer Curtis Lewis (who passed away prematurely at the age of 51 in 1969) in this 1984 trio concert at Florida Memorial College. Horn , who was introduced to Lewis by her manager, John Levy , during her debut recording session in 1960, recorded several of his works over her career, including "All Night Long," but the bittersweet nature of many of the songs heard in this performance is carried off beautifully by the singing pianist, particularly "He's Gone Again." The last four tracks comprising Lewis ' "The Garden of the Blues Suite" are part narrative and part song, including the well-known composition "The Great City." Horn is in top form throughout the concert, with her soft, thoughtful vocals accompanied by her sensitive and sometimes swinging piano. Bassist Charles Ables and drummer Steve Williams provide terrific support as needed, though they sometimes lay out for a significant spell.

This 30-minute musical reflects on Jesus's ministry and life on earth, and looks at the monumental effect his name has had on history. Told through six choral anthems with narration this work traces Jesus' life from his first preaching to the final momentous events of his passion. The music is mostly original and covers a range of styles. Accompaniment can be provided by just piano, CD or ED Hogan's orchestration. The half-hour length makes it ideal for including in a worship service anytime during Lent, or Holy Week, and it would be particularly poignant on Palm : Conductor's Score, Flute, Oboe (or Soprano Sax* or Clarinet*), Horn (or Alto Sax* or Clarinet*), Trumpet (or Alto Sax*), Trombone (or Tenor Sax* or Baritone .*), Percussion, Piano, Synth, Electric Bass, Harp, Violins 1 & 2, Viola (or Clarinet*), Cello/Bassoon (or Bass Clarinet*), String Reduction for Keyboard.*Parts are included on the CD-Rom.

Shirley Horn Trio - The Garden Of The BluesShirley Horn Trio - The Garden Of The BluesShirley Horn Trio - The Garden Of The BluesShirley Horn Trio - The Garden Of The Blues